As I was shopping at the local store to pick up a few things after my physio appointment, this little old lady stops pushing her cart a few steps ahead of me and stares at me. I stop also not quite sure what she’s about to do. And then she says,
“So then, TELL me about your book.”
That’s when I realized I was wearing my ‘Ask me about my book’ sweatshirt, a gift from a friend a couple or three years back.
So I told her. And I left her a bookmark. You never know.
~~~~~Books To Make You CryBuzzfeed asked readers to tell them about a book that would definitely make us cry. They came up with a lot to choose. Staffer Lincoln Thompson picked a few and suggests you grab some tissues and start reading.
One example:
The God Of Small ThingsRaveendran / AFP
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
This is the story of Estha and Rahel, 7-year-old fraternal twins growing up with their single mother in India in 1969. Throughout the novel, their wide-eyed innocence and adorable enthusiasm for life is crushed by the brutal reality of the adult world that surrounds them. Somehow, they persevere. This book is so beautiful and made me contemplate the unfairness of life for days. ~ Victor Sun, Auckland, New Zealand
See all the books HERE
The job of a writer
“To call someone like me a writer-activist suggests that it’s not the job of a writer to write about the society in which they live. But it used to be our job. It’s a peculiar thing, until writers were embraced by the market, that’s what writers did—they wrote against the grain, they patrolled the borders, they framed the debates about how society should think. They were dangerous people. Now we’re told we must attend festivals and get on to bestseller lists and, if possible, try to be good-looking.” ~ Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy on what shaped her, what moves her HERE
Jonathon Sturgeon asked staffers at Flavorwire about
The best books you were assigned in high school
“It struck me that these high school assignments are a point of connection that spans generations…(they) stay with us, shape us, guide us…What we read together helps define who we become.”
For example:
A Farewell To ArmsA Farewell to Arms
“When my junior English teacher assigned Ernest Hemingway’s 1929 novel to our class, I approached it (as) a moldy old relic. But I was also reading it while entering into my first serious relationship, emotionally and physically, with a girl who was in that same class — and we were both taken aback by the directness with which Hemingway’s story spoke to us, and to the way he captured the intensity (and occasionally, the recklessness) of our attraction. I wasn’t used to “classics” having that kind of accessibility…Arms was, in many ways, the moment I became an adult reader. ~ Jason Bailey, Film Editor
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My husband has long been fascinated by UFOs and often pontificates about what he characterizes as the blindness of science about their reality. I don’t share his ..errr, obsession, but he insisted I share this list of books selected by Katie Heaney of Buzzfeed.
12 Books About Extraterrestrials That Will Blow Your Mind
Hubbie particularly likes this book:
The Invisible College By Jacques Vallee
The Invisible College
Jacques Vallee, French researcher and PhD in computer science, has long studied aerial phenomena, and in this book examines possible links between patterns in UFO sightings and human behavior and events
— and how much of it takes place in the realm of the human psyche.
See all the books HERE
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Profound thoughts in the shower
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FAN ART for my ‘The Secrets of Jin-Shei’
Artist hoshiaka
The Secrets Of Jin Shei By HoshiakaThe comments make me smile HERE
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