15 wordsLovereading.co.uk has created an infographic for language enthusiasts called “15 Words You Never Knew Came from Literature.”
Some of the books featured in this image include The Hobbit, Catch-22, and Gulliver’s Travels.
See the whole infographic HERE
11 Types of People You Meet In Book Clubs
Not every book club is perfect, Kate Erbland writes in Bustle, and most of them involve a strange coterie of very different personalities with very different tastes, all battling it out to have their literary opinions be heard. She tells us about the 11 types of people who will bring passion to your friendly local book club.
For example:
NononoThe Deep Dissenter
No matter how carefully everyone picks each month’s book selection or how smoothly the discussion is guided, the Deep Dissenter finds something to pick apart that no one else noticed. Perhaps the author of this month’s book has a “better” novel you should have chosen instead or there were simply too many pages in the latest selection, no matter what, she’ll find fault anywhere and everywhere.
Read the rest HERE
It’s going to be a busy year
I’m racing along so fast this year that my head is spinning madly. This is the state of play…
February:Dawn of MagicThe fourth and final Worldweavers book, “Dawn of Magic,” has been cleared for landing. Before you order a copy, you might want to do some catch-up by re-reading books 1 through 3. (all now available as paperbcks from Sky Warrior Books) – because this fourth one is the finale, and it looks back over its predecessors with affection…
I’ve always had a soft spot for this book and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I think it winds up the Worldweavers series beautifully. It’s nothing short of the story of how the soul of human magic was lost – was STOLEN – and there’s an expedition to take it back, leading straight to the heart of the Alphiri Crystal City where Thea has to face some of her greatest fears and make some tough choices, the Trickster finally finds his true role in the grand scheme of things, and Nikola Tesla rises to meet his destiny.
RandomThere is also a reading for “Random” at 7 p.m. Feb. 20 at Village Books here in Bellingham. If you are in the area, please come along,
I”ll be glad to see you there!
AbducticonAbduction: my first SF humor.
More about this – oh, MUCH more! – closer to the release date – you’ll see it here first!
In addition to my new book, there is Rainforest Writers Retreat where I have two possible projects I am still dithering about which I want to work on.
Later in March, there will be a book event for “Random” in Seattle at University Book Store. Again, if you’re local and I missed inviting you, please forgive me, and please come!
April: I think I have time to take a breath, but it’s going to be busy because it’s going to be ramping up for the release …
… of “Wolf”, the second of The Were Chronicles book. Exact release date not yet fixed.
Going to Odyssey Writing Workshop as visiting speaker. The annual summer writing workshop is an in-person, six-week workshop held on the campus of St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH. Guest Lecturers for the 2014 Summer.
They did an interview with me, here:
Then I hope to go on a little mini book tour on the east coast. Watch this space.
July: My birthday. I’m taking a bit of time off.
Worldcon, Spokane. Worldcons are always intense and fun. With several new books out… I am going to be BUSY at this one.
Not sure about September and October but there’s Orycon in November.
And then it’s Christmas again.
There goes the year.
I think I’d better stock up on caffeine.
FREE ebook
I will send a free ebook version of Random, Book 1 in my YA series The Were Chronicles, to the next 10 people who pledge to leave a review on Amazon.
To accept the offer, just send an email HERE with the subject line “Free Random Offer”
(1) a valid email address to send the ebook to
(2) a single sentence in the body of the email acknowledging that a review will follow.
I hope you love the book, but reviews, of course, need only be honest.
Amazon finally has the print version back in stock.
Pop-Up Books, not just for children anymore
When paper engineers turn their talents to books, the end result is the wonderfully tactile experience of pop-ups, Off the Shelf tells us.
You may think of pop-ups as solely the realm of children, but the books on this list are equally entertaining for adults, too! Each page will pull you into the sophisticated, multi-sensory world of intricately crafted paper scenes from classic literature to abstract art, cultural icons to poetry, wondrous creatures to mind-bending alphabets, and even a book that teaches you how to do-it-yourself.
For example:
M.C.-Escher-Pop-Ups1M.C. Escher Pop-Ups
by Courtney Watson McCarthy
The mesmerizing work of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher has fascinated viewers for more than seventy years. His illustrations constantly play with our perceptions of reality by layering multiple conflicting perspectives. This book presents some of the artist’s most intriguing works in original three-dimensional pop-ups.
See more HERE
Open Letter to the Man offended by Locally Laid
(If these eggs were available to me here in Bellingham, I’d certainly buy them.)
Locally laidResponse
Dear Mr. (name withheld),
Thank you for reaching out to let us know your opinion of the Locally Laid Egg Company…
Here’s why we named our company, Locally Laid. We are the first pasture-raised egg company in the Upper Midwest providing you with eggs which are laid locally….The average food product in this country travels some 1,500 -2,000 miles from farmer to processor to distributor to your plate. That’s a lot of diesel burned and C02 pumped in the air. Our cartons travel a fraction of those miles.
We’ve turned down lucrative contracts that would have taken our eggs out of the area because of our environmental stance. Plus, we plant a tree with every delivery we make to offset our minimal carbon footprint.
Read the whole letter HERE
Google aims to be your universal translator. Its Translate app has the ability to instantly converse with someone speaking in a different language, and the capability to translate street signs into your native language.
That’s a godsend, because not everyone speaks Klingon, you know.
Oldest Facebook user celebrates 107th birthday — Edythe Kirchmaier, born on January 22, 1908, is the oldest registered user on the popular site.
Illinois Law Allows School Officials to Demand Students’ Passwords
Read more about the troubling law HERE
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