Astounding graffiti

Every week, 2 anonymous students sneak into a classroom and proceed to blow everyone’s mind.
Chalboard artDangerDust
At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two rogue college students are creating quite a stir… but not by any normal means. They aren’t cheating or stealing, they are causing a creative riot. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each week and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk.
Chalkboard art 2DangerDust
The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, and they are probably busy with a larger than life course-load, but they still remain passionate about their weekly chalk art. These two create some of the most beautiful (and inspiring) art you’ll ever see.”
Chalkboard art
Follow the Leaders: A Corporate City in Ruins
Follow the leaderFollow the leaders @ Nantes, France
In one of his most ambitious artworks ever, artist Isaac Cordal spent three months constructing a corporate city in ruins for his installation, Follow the Leaders.
Christopher Jobson reports at Colossal that the sprawling collapsed society involves some 2,000 cement figures and decaying concrete buildings that the artist says are meant as a “metaphor for the collapse of capitalism and the side effects of progress.”
A ‘city’ in ruins
The company book club
Book clubs are something many of us do in our free time. At eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker, they do it at work, Rebecca Greenfield reports.
What began as a few people talking about their current reads has evolved into multiple department-specific book clubs and a company-wide speaker series.
warby-parker-book-clubNow there are 11 “mini book clubs,” which meet at least once a month, among Warby’s 300 employees and the company-wide book club has turned into a speaker series.
“At Warby Parker, we’re constantly looking to find new ways to both challenge and inspire our employees,” said Warby Parker cofounder Neil Blumenthal. “One of the most obvious, but often overlooked, ways is simply to pick up a book and read.”
Books in the workplace
11 notes from writers and other famous people
At Mental Floss, Adrienne Crezo tells us about some unusual thank you notes from everyone from Neil Armstrong to Ronald Reagan.
Roald-DahlThank You for the Dream You Sent Me
Once upon a time (1989), a little girl named Amy sent a bottle of colored water, oil and glitter to Roald Dahl, who knew right away that this was a dream in a bottle inspired by his book, The BFG. In response, the author penned this short note to his 7-year-old fan
Dear Amy,
I must write a special letter and thank you for the dream in the bottle. You are the first person in the world who has sent me one of these and it intrigued me very much. I also liked the dream. Tonight I shall go down to the village and blow it through the bedroom window of some sleeping child and see if it works.
With love from,
Roald Dahl
Thank yous
One-Star Book Reviews
Crime and Punishment review“This book was the most random thing I have ever read.”
One-Star Reviews
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