What did your first tweet say?

My first tweet wasn’t exactly profound.
“Hello world”
was all it said.
Flavorwire looked up “The First Tweets of 25 Writers We Love” and none of them were actually profound, but some some were … er, interesting. For example:
I did it. I’m here. Consider this a trial period, like a trial separation, or bisexuality. If I’m not famous in three months, I’m gone.— Rachel Shukert

hi, i’m gary shteyngart, a furry 39-year-old immigrant man trapped in a young dachshund’s body. LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/RgLBxjYO— Gary Shteyngart 
First author tweets
I bet you didn’t know that….
Tom SawyerVia books.simonandschuster.com.au
‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ is the first book written with a typewriter.
A  Christmas CarolCharles Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ in six weeks.
50 booksJ.R.R. Tolkien typed the entire ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy with two fingers.
Justin Carissimo of BuzzFeed offers us “50 Books You’ll Never Read The Same Way Again” after reading these odd facts.
Believe it or not
22 Strong Female Characters In Literature We All Wanted To Be
BuzzFeed recently asked their editors “Who was the first strong female character in literature you related to?”
If I had to pick from their choices, I’d go with Jo March from Little Women.
Out of AfricaBut I was struck by the illustration from Out of Africa. Karen Blixen’s book has always spoken to me because of its powerful opening line:
“I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.”
Since the first time I met Karen Blixen, I’ve been transfixed by that first line. This is someone writing from love and memory, a sentence steeped in the scent of regret and remembrance, looking back at something forever lost.
My own foothold in Africa was not a coffee plantation on the slopes of a Kenyan mountain – but I walked those metaphorical dusty roads anyway. I touched Africa, and it touched me, and there is a mark where it touched me which will never go away again.
An essay I wrote about it some time ago is linked below if you are interested.
But first check out BuzzFeed’s choices of strong fictional characters. What is your favorite?
Strong females in literature
And then read my essay on Africa HERE
Wow, Kelly Barnhill’s blog posts always leave me awed.
 “When Light Balances Dark: on wrong numbers, new life, certain death, and the slumbering spark.”
 Balance the unbalanceable
How Mark Twain became Mark Twain
Mark TwainBen Tarnoff tells the amazing story of the lectures that made Twain a superstar. He was broke, tired of being a freelancer and bored in California. One trip and some lectures changed everything.
Mark Twain, superstar
Never Before Uttered
“Last week a former Royal Marine who is the boyfriend of the model Kelly Brooks crashed into a bus stop while driving a van carrying a load of dead badgers.”
 “I mention this, “Geoffrey K. Pullum writes in Language Log, “solely to remind you that linguists are not kidding when they say … that your command of English enables you to understand sentences that have never occurred before in the entire history of the human species.”
 Never Before Uttered
Quote of the Day
 “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ?Nora Ephron
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