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BooklyBooks.com says, “We love readers and love to read. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 182 quotes about books for readers and book lovers around the globe. Reading unites us and takes us places we could have never traveled or visited in our lifetime.  Enjoy the book quotes below and let us know which one is your favorite or which quote you relate to the most!”
One of my favorites:
It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”Oscar Wilde
Another I like does need a bit of editing:
You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”C.S. Lewis
Make that coffee, of course.
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Kazuo Ishiguro on writing
Amanda Patterson of Writers Write offers nine quotes from Kazuo Ishiguro, a Japanese-born British novelist, including:
“I started as a songwriter and wanted to be like Leonard Cohen. I’ve always seen my stories as enlarged songs.”
Kazuo IshiguroKazuo Ishiguro
On writing
Tattoo your favorite book
You may read hundreds or thousands of books in your lifetime, but of them all, there will always be at least one that made a marked difference in your life. For some, the connection to their favorite books is strong enough to warrant a permanent tribute in the form of a tattoo. Like this one:
Qouth the ravenImage: @deeperthanwar on Instagram
Forever more
Know your conspiracy literature? – quiz
Remember, remember? The Fifth of November marks 408 years since the Gunpowder Plot nearly blew the lid off Parliament in England, The Guardian notes. Celebrate by testing your knowledge of the literature of conspiracy.
VPhotograph: Warner Bros/Everett Collection/Rex Features
Conspiracy quiz
The controversial new language of book reviewing
Do animation, memes and pictures of Emma Stone have a place in literary criticism? Yes, says Laura Miller in a Salon article.
To some of you the idea of using a GIF (for the uninitiated: a small, soundless animated image on a repeating loop) in a book review sounds bizarre. But the practice does flourish, if controversially, in some sectors of Goodreads’ universe of book lovers, as well as in blogs and comments threads across the Web.
candle gif
I found myself staring at a time-lapse sequence of a birthday candle burning and thinking about certain novels, like Kate Atkinson’s “Life After Life,” that depict the way a human life consumes time, or vice versa. This GIF would be better with a less randomly cluttered background, but for me the repetition of the candle’s disappearance suggests the perpetual replacement of one generation by another.
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