Why is he giving $1 million to Indies?

Author James Patterson plans to give a million dollars to independent bookstores and Shelf Awareness asked him why.
I’ve become very concerned about the reading habit in America. I think e-books are a terrific development, but I don’t think we as a society are really thinking through the implications of our changing retail landscape. I fundamentally believe our way of life is at risk if bookstores disappear.
“This effort to help independents will hopefully be something of a shot in the arm for the book business. We need to do more than talk about this juncture. We need to do something about it.”
Reading on TV
Some of my favorite TV characters actually read books. There was Rory Gilmore (well, I loved the show for the first season anyhow), the delicious bit of eye candy from Lost, Sawyer, and CSI’s Gil Grissom (the whole reason I watched the series).
And don’t forget Jean-Luc Picard, a starship captain who actually read PRINTED books.
Huff Post gives us…
13 Bookish TV Characters
31 Day Blog Challenge
I don’t really “follow” blogs on a regular basis, as such, but I do read a number of my fellow writers’ offerings – and in that category, the label of “favorite” tends to fall on what I am currently reading.  
All I can tell you is, if you have a writer you like, plug them into a search engine, and look  around. Chances are they’ll have a blog or a blog-like object somewhere. Go there, read, comment. Writerly people love readers interacting with them.
“You just walk across thin air”
Maria Popova interviewed Neil Gaiman for Brain Pickings and came up with wonderful quotes from a richly creative man:
You have to finish things — that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.
The process of writing can be magical — there times when you step out of an upper-floor window and you just walk across thin air, and it’s absolute and utter happiness. Mostly, it’s a process of putting one word after another.
Neil Gaiman says
How to Reverse the Email Spiral
Rules to live by in the Age of Email
“We’re drowning in email….We can reverse this spiral only by mutual agreement.”
3. Celebrate Clarity: Start with a subject line that clearly labels the topic, and maybe includes a status category [Inf, [Action, [Time Sen [Low Priority. Use crisp, muddle-free sentences. If the email has to be longer than five sentences, make sure the first provides the basic reason for writing. Avoid strange fonts and colors.
Email Charter
— Alma Alexander
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