What one thing would you take?

If you had to quickly flee both your home and country, what one thing would take with you? It’s a question that too many people around the world actually have to answer.
Photographer Brian Sokol takes pictures of refugees posing with the one thing they couldn’t let go of when running away from home.
The most important object Dowla was able to bring with her is the wooden pole balanced over her shoulder, with which she carried her six children during the 10-day journey from Gabanit to South Sudan. At times, the children were too tired to walk, forcing her to carry two on either side.
What would you take?
31 Day Blog Challenge, #18
Not entirely sure if this means my Internet moniker or the title of any particular blog. If the former, then it’s  like this – I have been Anghara on the Internet since I first stepped into the cyberworld, and the name comes from Anghara Kir Hama, the heroine of my “Changer of Days” books. It just seemed an appropriate thing to do at a time when I was choosing an email “name” for myself, and it’s stuck ever since.
The “Duchess of Fantasy” title of my website blog at www.AlmaAlexander.org  comes from a neat twist in my family history.
One of my distant ancestors was rewarded with a medieval Dukedom as an acknowledgment of his valor in a long-ago and very famous battle. The Dukedom is long since vanished, of course, but I am a lineal descendant of that first Duke… and therefore I can reasonably claim to be a Duchess-At-Large, as it were.
I am not “landed” aristocracy, but it’s kind of fun to play with the fantasy of it all, and it gives me a “brand”, an identity, and differentiates me from anyone else out there.
So there’s that.
Excessive school testing
Jane Yolen asked fellow writers to join her in an appeal to the president about school testing. I joined in.
    Dear President Obama,
    We the undersigned children’s book authors and illustrators write to express our concern for our readers, their parents and teachers. We are alarmed at the negative impact of excessive school testing mandates, including your administration’s own initiatives, on children’s love of reading and literature. Recent policy changes by your Administration have not lowered the stakes. On the contrary, requirements to evaluate teachers based on student test scores impose more standardized exams and crowd out exploration….
On school testing
13 of the hardest things about being a book lover
Not everyone is into books, something that is virtually impossible for a book lover to understand.
Being a book lover comes with its challenges
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