Hiding a painting in plain sight…

…on the edge of a book
Colleen Theisen at the University of Iowa has shared an amazing gif she made that demonstrates something called fore-edge painting on the edge of a 1837 book.
Fore-edge painting, which is believed to date back as early as the 1650s, is a way of hiding a painting on the edge of a book so that it can only be seen when the pages are fanned out. There are even books that have double fore-edge paintings, where a different image can be seen by flipping the book over and fanning the pages in the opposite direction.
Fore-edge book painting
31 Day Blog Challenge, #13

I was three or four years old, and my mother (some might say prematurely, but hey, look what happened next…) was reading me “Heidi” for my bedtime story every night. When she was done I demanded it again and she refused. So – I went away and taught myself to read.
I walked into the kitchen where she was drying dishes and asked her if she wanted me to read to her. She misunderstood and assumed that I was asking HER to read to ME.
She told me that she would do it later. She nearly dropped the pot she was holding when I calmly opened the book I was holding and began to read to her from it.
You don’t keep this girl from the stories she wants.
37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875
Number 4 suggests:
It is ill-bred to put on an air of weariness during a long speech from another person, and quite as rude to look at a watch, read a letter, flirt the leaves of a book, or in any other action show that you are tired of the speaker or his subject.
And rule number 13 instructs:
Speak of yourself but little. Your friends will find out your virtues without forcing you to tell them, and you may feel confident that it is equally unnecessary to expose your faults yourself.
And who can possibly argue with number 16:
Avoid, in conversation all subjects which can injure the absent. A gentleman will never calumniate or listen to calumny.
Rules for Gentlemen
Translators are a waste of space…
…this youtube presentation asserts with devastating impact.
But halfway through, it makes a remarkable turn.
Brilliantly done.
Translators in reverse
10 Books Every College Freshman Should Read
Timeless stories offer students context for whatever path they embark on.
From Stephen King to Kingsley Amis
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