YA Novels That Should Be Movies

This one, for example: “Hold Still”, by Nina LaCour: This novel follows Caitlin, a teenager trying to come to terms with the suicide of her best friend, Ingrid. Accompanying Caitlin on her journey is Ingrid’s diary…”
Random, my latest YA fantasy being published by Palomino Press, features a girl with very similar problems. It is part of a trilogy that deals with several important teen issues. One of the greatest gifts of fantasy is that it can convey hard truths in a manner that makes them easier to understand, accept, and acknowledge. It is that “spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.”
Perhaps Random also should be a movie someday.
YA Novels That Should Be Movies
Amazing Star Trek apartment ruined by divorce
This was awesome.Tony Alleyne’s infamous Star Trek apartment inspired us all to up our geeky interiors to the next level. Sadly, the Trek fanatic’s majestic apartment is no more — another victim of divorce.
Literary website launches dating service
Fleur Macdonald, co-founder of literary review website The Omnivore, has decided to branch out into a dating service that matches couples according to their tastes in books.
An excellent idea. What TOOK them so long?
Finding compatible book lovers
Speaking of dating…’French kiss’ has been added to the French Dictionary
Well, not exactly.
The French have always had various expressions for the kiss they supposedly invented, but now it’s captured in a single word — galoche.
It’s not clear how the galoche, or boot of an ice skate (related to the English “galoshes”), got attached to this activity, but another term for French kissing, rouler un patin, also refers to ice skates, so … something about sliding around?
It’s one of 11 new words added to the dictionary.
Website Lets Your Map Scenes From Novels
Ever wandered around San Francisco and wondered where Sam Spade lived? A new website called Placing Literature combines maps with scenes from novels to place literary landmarks in real locations on maps.
Other locations include wilderness locations near Lake Tahoe where Samuel L. Clemens first wrote about Mark Twain and the Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House in Massachusetts, which was featured in Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.
If you don’t see the literary connection that you are looking for, you can add it. You can also add locations from your own book.
Mapping novels