They still read slush piles?

Donal Ryan’s debut novel was plucked out of the slush pile by an intern working at Lilliput Press in Dublin who raved about it to the publisher.
The novel, which had been rejected 47 times, made the Booker Prize longlist
On developing characters
I have never yet written about a character whom I have planned or created with a self-conscious ‘profile’ – they all come out of the woodwork, give me a distracted handshake by way of introduction, and then demand I take dictation.
I tend to find out “what happens next” in my stories the same way my readers do – by going “You did WHAT?” as my character performs some unspeakable thing on the screen.
There are those who have described it as a form of possession. This may be true.
From my latest interview
Logo Design Gone Wrong
After releasing this logo, the dental clinic has been referred to as a full-service practitioner.
Logos gone bad
How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love
“Why prestige is the enemy of passion, or how to master the balance of setting boundaries and making friends.”
LIke all words of wisdom, it’s easy to identify with a lot of this, with most of it. But LIVING it, there’s the rub. In today’s world, that is harder and harder.
Finding purpose
25 Signs You’re Addicted To Books
9) You’re incapable of going into a bookstore without buying something