20 Great Insults

“‘You,’ Madeline said, her voice hollow and wheezing, ‘are like a bad case of herpes, wizard. You’re inconvenient, embarassing, no real threat, and you simply will not go away.'” — from Turncoat by Jim Butcher
20 Great Insults from SF/Fantasy
Overdue Book Returned 41 Years Late
A self-proclaimed “slow reader” surprised a library in Ohio by returning an overdue book — 41 years late. Champaign County Library posted a picture to Facebook of the book titled “The Real Book About Snakes,” along with a note and $299.30 in cash.
A new ebook trend, the mini-memoir

One example is ‘Denial’, about American journalist Jonathan Rauch’s struggle to accept being gay. The book was commissioned by a new e-publishing imprint from a magazine, in this case The Atlantic.
I might give this a try, but my writing a mini anything would be surprising.
The mini-memoir
This performance is just amazing
— but I hope the dancers are married. 🙂