National priorities: Bombs or books?

Libraries in Jeopardy: The Miami-Dade County Commission has decided not to raise the property-tax rate this year, their vote paving the way for major library cuts. Under the worst-case scenario, nearly half of the county’s 49 libraries — 22 — would be shut down.
“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is among the 15 young adult books that “every adult should read,” Mashable says. There are some fascinating and provocative books on the list. Would your top 15 list look like this?
Flavorwire explains “what your favorite Shakespeare play says about you.”
Chances are you had to read your share of Shakespeare’s plays in school and even if you groaned your way through every single one, you probably had a favorite. And the one you chose might just say something about you.
Do you love Hamlet? “You’re sympathetic to the fate of the high-born slacker with daddy issues.” Flavorwire has assembled a (tongue-in-cheek, folks) one-sheet of what your favorite Shakespeare play truly means. Are you a romantic, a dramatist, or just a huge liar?
Buzzfeed offers “14 Books Your Book Club Needs To Read Now”
But if you’d like something little more recent than “To Kill a Mockingbird” or something that isn’t quite as downbeat as “The Bell Jar”, might I suggest a little something called “The Secrets of Jin Shei” or “Midnight at Spanish Gardens”?
The bonus is that if you have Skype and want the author — me — to come visit at your book club, I would be delighted to do it!