What shouldn’t you say to a writer?

Well, for example:
“I don’t understand why you can’t get published. Bad books get published all the time”
Other things not to ask a writer
I just got an invitation from some folks which included the production of a book trailer video under their auspices. For the members of this particular collective the fee for this is… drum roll… ONLY $999.
I don’t know what their trailers are like but unless they have copious CGI and/or actual live actors, that is WAY too much for independent authors to cough up out of pocket for something the value of which is yet to be proven.
I’ll pass, thanks. But I DO wish I had the know how to do short trailers myself. People are so VISUAL these days and it would be nice to have something to throw at them. But not at a thousand bucks a pop. I just don’t have either the money to throw at it, nor the assurance that it would be money well thrown.
How about it? Did you EVER look at a book trailer and decide on the strength of that to buy the book?
No comment Department
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And the OMG Department
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