Is it something in the water?

First there was Judith Tarr’s comment on writer’s block – the real thing, not just, oh, I don’t feel like doing this today – and I’ve been there, done that, eaten the t-shirt in frustration.
And then Libba Bray has a really really bad writing day.
And just when you think it can’t get any worse, well, you may just get lucky and finish the damn book, and then you get the awesome experience of publicity and promotion and the Bookstore Signing Gig like Parnell Hall.
So, when you’re done with your latest Grisham or George R R Martin, you out there who are browsing new books to buy RIGHT NOW, might you consider grabbing one of Judith Tarr’s? Or Libba Bray’s? Or Alma Alexander’s?
Try a new flavor of literary ice cream today…