Alexander Triads #7 “A Sense of Love”, is now available here [singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=right]It contains the story which won the BBC short story competition a handful of years ago, a story which garnered me one of the greatest writing compliments I ever got.
Love does not live in the rational world, and is not constrained by the laws of logic.You cannot stand apart from it and analyze it from a safe distance so that you do not get hurt by its sharp edges. Love lives in the heart, and in the senses, and it is impossible to completely experience it without closing your eyes and stepping inside it and letting it close above your head like an ocean. What does it feel like when you are surrounded by the senses that you have freed? How would love taste? How would it feel to the touch? What are the sounds that it whispers into your ear?
Step inside these stories. Begin to glimpse an answer.