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To celebrate being selected as finalists for the EPIC Award for best anthology, Dark Quest Books and I are giving away three copies of ‘River’ on Goodread here


It begins. Somewhere. An insignificant trickle of water. And it changes.And it grows up, and gathers a history, and finds its way into atlases and maps, until it finally reaches the sea, and vanishes into its vastness.
You might think it of no importance. That it does not matter. But you follow where it leads…
Rivers have always been very important to humankind. They’ve been explored. They’ve been navigated. They’ve been called gods. They’ve been blessed and cursed and venerated and used and enjoyed and exploited and polluted since the beginning of recorded history. They’ve been sung about and dreamed about and followed on epic journeys of discovery. The capitals of empires have risen on the banks of rivers – and so have a thousand fishing villages, and river landings, and water mills.
There is only one River. Really. And it’s all of them. Every river is different – and yet they’re all the same, vast and full of life and death and mystery and history and adventure and quiet dreams. Full of life. Full of mystery. Full of stories.
With stories by: Mary Victoria, Tiffany Trent, Jay Lake, Deb Taylor, Keffy R.M. Kehrli, Jacey Bedford, Joshua Palmatier, Brenda Cooper, Seanan McGuire, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Nisi Shawl, Joyce Reynolds-Ward